1 & 2 QUARTER 2015


• Building a sawmill, carpentry shop that will create jobs for a group of 18 young men, who are all former “child soldiers”. This group we will integrate into urban society, establish them in an approved organization, and give them a meaningful work and gradually lead them back to a "normal" life. (Sponsor: Byg1By)


• Soap Factory, we will ensure a higher income for the city by establishing cooperation with American Pacha Soap, on production of 10,000 pieces of soap per. month to be distributed (for free – donation through the American Soap Company) to 9 surrounding schools. Here, students also will be taught in the importance of having a good hand hygiene. Agreements are concluded with school directors, and we expect to increase the production in May with another 2,000 pieces of soap, so about 21 schools with a total of 22,000 pupils have daily access to soap, and thus to increase their hygiene much, and reduced cases of diarrhea and bacterial diseases which will result in lower absenteeism in education. (Sponsor: PACHA Soap)


• Implement registration of birth certificates, as well as papers on marriage. The lack of records have serious consequences. This often results in the woman being kicked "out on the street". The same problem applies to children without a birth certificate. They are non-existent. We will do the registration in cooperation with the municipality and the authorities at Rugombo Commune. By ensuring records, we ensure women's and children's existence, giving them rights under the law - which legal certainty and the opportunity to vote in elections. (Sponsor: Byg1By)


• Building an ambulance bike to ensure that sick people can be transported quickly and conveniently to the nearest hospital. If the evaluation shows that the bicycle ambulance is a success, we want to expand the ambulance system with several bicycle ambulances, and introduce an ambulance service, which also can be used by Kamakaras neighboring villages.

(Sponsor: Byg1By)


• Building water tank number 3. The extra water tank will provide the population of Kamakara with a total of 16.500 liters of drinking water. (Sponsor: Shape International)


3 & 4 QUARTER 2015


• In collaboration with another Danish organization work on a large project in which we will build environmentally friendly and energy-saving stoves for cooking, for all 375 families in Kamakara. In addition, the production of fuel briquettes made from surplus / recycled materials. This project is also a collaboration between Imagine Burundi Terimbere and the Ugandan organization JEEP.


• Building a large workroom and teach young women to sew, to produce washable menstrual pads. Lack of volumes, no income, has serious consequences for young women. The monthly period is a taboo, making the girls fail to attend school, some never come back. Therefore, we will ensure the young women an income while ensuring that schooling is cared for.


• Making a play-and learning space for children and young people. Here, we provide knowledge from Danish learning pedagogy unite football, ball games, play, with learning, which will strengthen the children's skills and competences for learning and preparation for school.


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