Little Sun Solar Lamp


Little Sun makes light for living, learning, and earning.

For sharing and socialising.


Imagine Burundi-Terimbere Foundation are proud to be Little Sun Distribuation Partner in Burundi.

You can buy the quality solar lamp In the Foundations Non Profit "Imagine Shop" in Bujujumbura, Avenue De L`Amitie no. 7, Rohero 1. The Foundation has also createt off-grid Shops in:

Kiramira, Cibitoke Province, Rumonge, Bururi Province and Kamenge, Bujumbura.


High quality solar-powered lamps


• 4 hours of charging = 3 hours of bright solar-powered light

(extra hours at lower light)


• comes with a multi-function detachable strap

• attractive and highly functional


• energy-efficient design


• impact resistant, UV resistant, and dust proof


• safe, sustainable light


• 90% saving over a 3-year period when compared to kerosene


• 1-year warranty

About Little Sun

Little Sun is:



• An attractive, high-quality solar-powered lamp in the shape of a hand-sized sun developed by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen

•A social business that produces Little Sun lamps and distributes them worldwide by establishing sustainable trade routes, allowing off-grid distributors to profit while bringing light to local users


• A global project connecting the world’s electrified areas with off-grid communities – purchasing a Little Sun in areas of the world with electricity allows Little Suns to be sold off-grid at much lower, locally affordable prices





How to use


•enables longer working hours and greater productivity

•provides light for children to study and read

•increases commerce by allowing stores to remain open after dark

•improves workplace safety

•replaces unhealthy and costly kerosene lamps as a light source

•allows families to enjoy cooking and eating together in the evening





Little Sun is a social business


It Means that people in the part of the World where there is electricity all the time, and the economic is strong- ex. Europe and USA buy Little Sun to a high Price: EUR: 20 + shipping.


Little Sun then use some of the Money to reduse the Price in ex. Burundi so poor people can afford to buy the lamp.


Visit IMAGINE SHOP and purchase a Little Sun, at low cost and with 1 year warranty card. You are also welcome to stop by and learn more about Little Sun and get instruction in the use of the lamp.


You are also welcome to contact:

Gilbert Hakizumukama, Founder

Legal representative in Burundi.


Mobill:257 79978638



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