is a Danish NGO, which raises money through volunteer work to develop sustainable village centers in Burundi. The aim is to ensure clean water, food, health and education for all in the area. The project is locaded in the province of Cibitoke in norttwest Burundi. .

Due to Build1Citys great fundraising efforts, they was awarded the prize as “Best Fundraising 2013” in Denmark.








Little Sun:

Imagine-Burundi Terimbere is a distribution partner in Africa.

The lamp is sold in the foundations Shop in Bujumbura, and the Foundation has created off-grids jobs in Kiramira, Rumonge and Kamenge. On the website of Little Sun there is often very positive news from Burundi, through Imagine Burundi-Terimbere.

Little Sun is an attractive, high-quality solar-powered lamp in the shape of a hand-sized sun developed by Iceland artist Olafur Eliasson and Danish engineer Frederik Ottesen. It is a social business, based in Berlin, Germany, that produces and distributes solar lamp worldwide by establishing off-grid distributors to create jobs while bringing light to local users. This is a global project connecting the world’s electrified areas with off-grid communities. Little sun’s role is to provide renewable sources of lighting. Their role can hereby secure improved livelihood for the involved locals, who do not have to use kerosene lamps.


Address Africa – Address Burundi

Address Africa is a Danish non-profit organization, which was established in 2012 by a board of directors with years of work experience in different Danish and international NGO´s and Master's degrees in Development & International Relations.

Based on academia, commercialism and African talent our mission is:

“To explore, identify and support the most innovative and sustainable development projects through a network of strong local parnerships in East Africa.”

Address Africa are partners and do projects with CA Bikes in Uganda, Street Child Care of Uganda, Make Meru Green in Tanzania, Never Again Rwanda and Aalborg University.

Address Africa have a main focus on development and innovation in Burundi, and have therefore establish a separate non-profit organization: Address Burundi.




Project Partners

Poverty Reduction through Innovative Agriculture and Design (PRIAD)

Aalborg University, Denmark:

Address Africa has great links to Aalborg University, where all the founding members are graduated.

Aalborg University’s role in this project

is to contribute with knowledge and research in order to establish the project. The data generated is based on partnership between Aalborg University students and local Burundian researchers / students where knowledge-sharing.


Centre Educatif " LA CANDELA"

- test and education center who will provide land for testing and help facilitate the test of agriculture production.



Christian non-profit organization registered in Home Affairs Ministry of Burundi. AREN has experts in different areas selected on above values, and they are organized in technical departments.

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