IMAGINE Gift-programe



For only 80 US Dollars ( 60 EUR) you can help kick-start innovation and self-empowerment for a new establish association/cooperative.

Imagine Burundi-Terimbere help groups, typically with 5-15 members, to establishing themselves in approved associations/cooperatives. The groups learn about the importance of having a savings-loan account, how they deal with the economy and how they invest properly in new projects for the benefit of the whole group.

Each member donate a small weekly amount that allows them to save a large sum up.

Your donation will be used to administrations fee for establish a approved association/cooperative, opening a bank account, training, a money box with lock and a small grant to boost the account.


Please remember to give us your e-mailaddress mark:,Saving-Loan" so we can send youinformation on Development of the Group you support with Photos and interview, so you know that your money are well spend.


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