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In Burundi there is no fees for attending school, but it requires that children have a uniform. In rural areas, many families don`t have money to buy a uniform. And the lack of electricity makes it difficult to study in the night


To help the poorest families we have put together two unique gift packages that you can choose from.


1 Uniform and Little Sun solar lamp:

38 U.S. Dollars


2 Uniform, Little Sun solar lamp and bag: 45 U.S. Dollars


Imagine Burundi Terimbere gathers donations and distributes the packets 4 times a year.


While you ensure that children can go to school and do their homework, you also preserve jobs in Burundi since the uniforms and bags are made of Imagines tailor team in Bujumbura suburb of Kamenge. With solar lamp you ensure green and free lighting to replace the health damaging carosin lamps that also are expensive to use for the families.


If you want to receive a photo of the child, or children, who gets your donation, please send us an email after payment, so we can register your wish.

Please mark the mail: School packet 1 or 2, and “photo”


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