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For just 10 U.S. Dollars or 7 EUR you can be non-profit shareholder in Imagine Burindi-Terimbere Fund "Imagine Shop". Your non profit share will mean that the Fund can put even more job creation activities initiated for poor people in Burundi.


Once you have booked and paid your share, please send us an e-mail mark: " Share" with the name you want toshown on the share, and you will receive your share in PDF.


Burundi is one of the world's poorest countries. Therefore, it is a rarity that a shop is run by non-profit mindset. Nevertheless it this way Imagine Burundi Terimbere Foundation operates it`s "Imagine Store" on. The profit from the Shop goes to pay rent and salaries. There are no investors in the Foundation, who have to be paid - this means that Imagine Burundi Terimbere are able to invest in new projects and creating of jobs in Burundi.


The Imagine Burundi-Terimbere Foundation provide the right skills for poor families so they trough commerce can establish a future and fight against poverty and gender based violence for the wellbeing of the community and Burundi. All the Items made by the families is sold in the Non Profit “IMAGINE SHOP”.


This share support the daily operations of the store, rent, water and electricity.


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