2014 was the year when Imagine Burundi really got started with development projects in Burundi, where we, in cooporation with Danish Build1City, have selected the city Kamakara, located in the northern province of Cibitoke, as a priority.


Kamakara is composed of former refugees who have returned to Burundi from DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Some of the residents have lived in the internal camps. The location they were given are far from optimal. The 375 families are living in poor conditions. The soil is rocky and barren, there is no access to clean drinking water, and opportunities for jobs very small.


In this line of work we have held meeting with the provincial governor, municipal administrator, and Kamakaras councilors to ensure involvement, and set clear goals for how to start a positive development of the city of Kamakara. All based in Byg1By's and Imagine Burundi Terimberes mission statement: To combine traditional means of gainful activities whose purpose is to make urban communities able to sustain themselves, feel pride, and set new goals. Creating a positive feedback loop, where "get help" is replaced by teaching in independent entrepreneurship, cooperatives and access to loan-savings and micro-savings.


The priorities were:

1. Access to jobs, income, and education

2. Access to clean water

3. Access to land, vitamins

4. Test and Innovation


In a short time, Byg1By and Imagine Burundi Terimbere managed to create a very solid foundation to build on. Thus, in 2014 we have completed the following:


Access to jobs, income, education

The City Council of Kamakara held a democratic vote about which activities should be started first.

Byg1By has since April 2014 provided funds to build facilities / equipment that now houses: a soap factory supported by PACHA SOAP, a mill to grind cassava, two shops, a hairdresser, a sewing room, a brick latrine and a community center where meetings can be held and ensure teaching in different subjects, and the basic mathematic/ writing skills for adults.

Outside the community center is also establish a market. We have delivered two powerful solar panels with associated batteries that provide power and light to the hair salon, cell phone charging and to the community center.

Imagine Burundi Terimbere has been responsible for building and set up each "unit" into approved organizations that follow Burundian law.


Access to clean water

Byg1By in collaboration with the American organization SHAPE International introduced a water purification system. Two large water tanks on each 5,500 liters collects rainwater, which is filtered and cleaned. The water provided to the families at the villages community center. Here we expect to reduce diseases derived from bacteria / worms significantly. Previously the population had to go find polluted water in a river two kilometers from the city.


Access to land, vitamins

Here we have built 80 kitchen gardens on each 2,5*2,5 meters. The ground is cleared of stones, new soil fed and given fertilizer and planted cabbage, onions, eggplants, tomatoes. The families exchange vegetables with each other, and is able to sell some at the market. At the next harvest, families will trade vegetables, thus soil from becoming exhausted.

Each garden is also supplied with two self-watering jars made of Batwa (Pygmies), who in this way also get an income.


Test and Innovation

Together with the Burundian organization La Candela, we have tested various drying processes for fruit and tested extraction of oils for cosmetics and soap. The titel of this project is "Poverty Reduction through Innovative Agriculture and Design (PRIAD)" and is based on a partnership between Imagine Burundi Terimbere-Foundation (Burundi), Byg1By and Address Africa.The titel of this project is "Poverty Reduction through Innovative Agriculture and Design (PRIAD)" and is based on a partnership between Imagine Burundi Terimbere-Foundation (Burundi), Byg1By and Address Africa. SEE MORE ABOUT PRIAD


Main and Sub projects





Sub Projects by Imagine Burundi


Creating local jobs by establishing more off-grid entrepreneurs shops selling Little Sun


Education centers:

a. Further development of opportunities in Centre Educatif « LA CANDELA » Commune KANYOSHA, near Bujumbura, where we in the PRIAD project will test the production and food processing of various agricultural product.


b.. Establish 3 education centers in the villages: Cibitoke, Ndava and Kirimira, in the province of Cibitoke


Water supply – Kitchen gardens:

Implementation of techniques to secure water supply in the dry period, so poor people in rural areas can harvest crops all the year


Access to School:

a. Uniform and tools to study: Creation of a gift-packet containing school uniforms for girls and boys combined with a solar lamp “Little Sun”. In Burundi there is no fees for attending school, but it requires that the child have a uniform. In rural areas, many families dont have money to buy a uniform. And the lack of electricity make it very difficult to study after school. The gift-packet with uniform and solar lamp can solve some of those problems, and will be available for donors to persuade/buy.


b. Washable menstruation pads: Too many girls drop out of schools. There are many reasons for that. One of them is that they cannot afford buying disposable menstruations pads why they for that reason stay at home from school for a week every month. The foundation will try to produce washable menstruation pads, and later on taught woman in rural areas to sew and produce the pads, so they also can start their own income generating small business.



Create knowledge of civil society and create jobs in the village Kamakara, province of Cibitoke in partnership with the Danish association “Build1City”


Sales channel:

Further development of opportunities for new products and sales through the non-profit “Imagine Shop” in Bujumbura. Excess of sales targeted new initiatives undertaken by the Foundation.


Daily projects





Coach groups from establishing themselves in the approved associations. Educates groups in the importance of having a loan savings bank, how they deal with the economy and how they invest properly in new projects for the benefit of the whole group.



Imagine Burundi Terimbere coach shopkeepers in sales techniques, communication and financial understanding. Creating shops in and outside Bujumbura, which sells the solar lamp Little Sun. Little Sun is an innovative way to get clean, affordable light to people in Burundi and worldwide without access to electrical grid. The shops are important as Little Sun, in addition to providing light in rural areas also helps to create jobs. So far, Imagine has created shops and jobs in Kirimira, Kamenge, Rohero and Rumonge.



Imagine Burundi team (10 woman and 5 men) from Kiramira Mountain, Province of Cibitoke, has been trained in producing traditional baskets.



Imagine Burundi team (10 woman and 5 men) from Ndava, Province of Cibitoke, has specializes in growing organic peanuts. The climate and the natural nutrients in the soil mean that the taste of Ndava peanuts is fantastic.



Imagine Burundi team (10 woman and 5 men) from Cibitoke Province of Cibitoke has been trained in producing traditional postcards and designing Burundian jewelry.



Victor and Josephine. They live in Kinama quarter, Bujumbura, and have 6 children. Victor and Josephine is part of Imagine Burundi Terimbere Foundation, and they also help teaching Imagine-groups from rural arias how to create tailor-made items.

Imagine Burundi only use Ibitenge produced in Burundi to support the local economy.



Pottery made of Esperence and her friends from the twa community based in the Colline Cunyu, commune Buganda, province of Cibitoke. Twa`s represent only 1 % of the population in Burundi and are amount the most poor in the country. Esperences group is part of Imagine Burundi Terimbere Foundation.



Thomas and Leonard are a part of the five men big association “Umoja” (Strong when you work together). They are Congolese refugees and skilled craftsmen. They live in the quarter Kamenge, Bujumbura and are establish by Handicap International. Imagine Burundi support the project by buying mask to a fair price, so they can have a life in dignity while they are in Burundi.



Alodie from Cibitoke/Bujumbura is alone with her children. She has been thought how to make funny dolls of Ibitenke by Imagine Burundi Terimbere Foundation. As associated to Imagine she now has a small income so she and the children can manage the daily life.



Imagine support an artiste association in Bwiza, Bujumbura. Imagine is coaching the group to make more activities that can increase their chances of getting a profit. Now they make carved figures and forks from the bones of cows. The forks we call “Burundian Tappas Forks”.


Daily Projects

Imagine Burundi-Terimbere supports local Burundian talent and innovation. Some of the groups that we are working with start from scratch, and have to be trained and educated in making different items, so they can get an income which strengthens their desire to improve their living conditions continuously.


Other groups are skilled craftsmen, who can get more output of their work if they think more innovatively. These groups are retrained in various areas - from maintenance tasks to innovative design of new products in Burundi.

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