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BYG1BY, Denmark


Development and Installation of 375 energy saving stoves. Established 18 public toilets around the city. Delivered and taught 375 families in the use of the solar cell light Little Sun. Established 375 kitchen gardens. Built-in factory Kassava and corn mill. Built sewing shop and educed woman in the art of sewing.

Built a hair salon and educated hairdressers. Built a factory building for soap production. Build two 5000 litres water tanks. Built and started a store.


Installed market stalls. Built a carpentry shop and trained carpenters. Built a meeting house for meeting activities and teaching.


Continuously ensured that the city's residents receive birth certificates and marriage certificates from the municipality. Secured children and young people's rights to play and learning, as well as established two football clubs. Developed and designed a cycling ambulance - It serves as a social offer for anyone with needs. Established a health insurance fund in the city.


Ensured that all six factories / traders have been established as approved associations. We use local labor in connection with the projects, so many have earned an income. The six factorries/traders also means that approximately 40 full-time jobs have been established in Kamakara.






Rohero 1, Avenue De L` Amitie no. 7, Bujumbura, Burundi

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Rohero 1, Avenue De L` Amitie no. 7, Bujumbura, Burundi

(Foundation reg. No. 550/767)