Community training

We explore, identify and implement the most innovative and sustainable development projects, targeting the individual needs of villages and communities.


Imagine Burundi is specialized as implementing partner for smaller and larger organizations / NGOs.

Together with our partners we create solutions that make the greatest benefit in the villages and communities. This is also done in cooperation with local authorities.


Our social business plan is to go away from "giving" and instead taking into account people's skills and ideas. All with the purpose of creating jobs so people can get an income that will eventually mean that people and communities can manage themselves.


Improved agricultural techniques, kitchen gardens, gender equality, Village Savings and Loan, micro finance, training people to be soap makers, carpenters, tailors, produce oil, rice cooperative, producing health products, establish small restaurants, marked places, building water tanks and houses……………………….. the list of results is long.


Take a look at “partners” where you can see examples of what we have achieved with our partners and the results.






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Rohero 1, Avenue De L` Amitie no. 7, Bujumbura, Burundi

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