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IMAGINE MADE IN BURUNDI´s “Travelers with a purpose” was founded to promote the potential of Burundi to improve the local economy and boost the livelihoods of many women, men, youth and children.


Together with you, “Travelers with a purpose” wish to create the best possible social adventure package, where we combine amazing natural experiences with visits to our social business projects.


You will get to know the locals and make your own soap, sew a shirt, make palm oil and learn how IMAGINE BURUNDI`s Social Business Concept, with small funds, helps people get sustainable jobs so they can support themselves and their families.


Burundi is often is overlooked in favor of larger neighbors like Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Burundi has been in the dark for a long time but is now emerging to offer travelers a taste of the forgotten heart of Africa. Visitors who come to Burundi are amazed by its natural beauty and vibrant local culture.

Burundi will captivate you. It will be an experience you never will forget. This is an authentic part of Africa, of a long forgotten corner of the continent, where you will meet local people and learn about a truly authentic side of Africa, unspoiled by mass tourism.


Our tours are not luxury tours. We will visit some remote places. The trips will not shield you from the realities of life in rural areas. The visit requires that travelers understand that standards sometimes are not the same as at home. You must know that we always find the best possible standards where safety, cleanliness and food are the highest priority.


“Travelers with a purpose”, is not a traditional tourist office. We explore, identify and implement the most innovative and sustainable development projects, targeting the individual needs of villages and communities.


Our social business plan is to move away from "giving" and instead consider people's skills and ideas. All of this is with the purpose of creating jobs so poor people can create an income that is sustainable.




Our services

Travelers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Burundi including air travel and visa. We will be delighted to assist you with recommendations on air routes and airlines and we can provide information on obtaining a visa.

We will provide you with the “Invitation letter” that is required to obtain a visa.


We will pick you up at the Bujumbura Airport when you arrive and deliver you to the airport when you depart.


We offer tours of 3 days up to 7 days, and will plan the activities with you and your traveling companions.


We provide transportation (4X4) Jeeps.


We provide accommodations / hotel.


We will arrange for all meals, including breakfast / lunch / dinner, which will be included in the package price.


For short visits, we will provide a guided tour in the capital Bujumbura and a visit at the Stanley-Livingstone monument/stone.


We will ensure that all Travelers with a purpose are oriented on local customs through our “Code of Conduct” that outlines general courtesies/how to act sensitively and responsibly when interacting with local people. We will advise you on the proper dress codes/conduct in places of worship, when to ask permission before taking photos etc.


Our staff

Staff are all highly experienced with many years of development work and social business knowledge under their belts. They speak English and French, and have a massive knowledge of Burundian culture and history.





Rohero 1, Avenue De L` Amitie no. 7, Bujumbura, Burundi

(Company reg. NIF 4000568958)




Rohero 1, Avenue De L` Amitie no. 7, Bujumbura, Burundi

(Foundation reg. No. 550/767)