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Bars of soap produced and given:

From February 2015 – June 2017 – a total of 1.254.975 bars of soap has been given

Each month 71.700 children are given soap

The soap is distributed by Imagine Burundi Teriembere Foundation to 81 schools in two Provinces: Cibitoke and Rumonge

3250 kilo soap for schools is produced every month by 3 soap shops: Kamakara, Rugombo, Kizuka. The 3 teams also produce soap they sell at the local marked, this to secure that the teams are sustainable and will be able to manage themselves one day.


Individuals/students who received hand washing education:

Imagine Burundi (school soap program): 71.695 individuals/students has received hand washing education

Imagine Burundi (Water4/Imagine Drillers): 235 persons

June 2017 - Total: 71.930


Oil fabric:

Pacha Soap have also donated money to build a small oil fabric at Kizuka/Rumonge. This fabric produce today all the oil the soap shops use to produce soap


Micro loans given:

1 association and 2 private persons have been given micro loans. Rice fields and a restaurant


People employed through IMAGINE and PACHA`s programs:

Since February 2015 we have establish jobs and income for 115 men and women so they now have careers through soap making, manual well drilling, collecting palm nuts, local oil production, sewing, investment in agriculture, and from micro loans who establish rice field businesses and a small food shop.




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